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  1. Wearable Devices Haptic Feedback
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    3. VR – visual reality haptic touch
    4. High-tech smart solutions

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Linear Resonant Actuators

Faster response
Higher vibration efficiency
Longer lifespan

Encapsulated Vibrators

Fully encapsulated waterproof
Powerful vibration amplitude
Plastic or metal capsule

SMD/SMT Reflow Vibrators

Small size for mass production
Work in high temperatures
Easy to install to board

Cylindrical Vibrating Motors

Easy to PCB mounted
Higher vibration efficiency
Good reliability

Powerful Vibration Motos

Powerful vibration amplitude
Highest vibration efficiency
Facilitate mounting

Low Current Spring Contact

Lower current consumption
Higher vibration efficiency
Longer lifespan


Micro vibration motors used for touch screen haptic feedback

When we use the touch screen, hoping to get a similar haptic feedback feel like click on a real buttons like, vibration motors can provide this technical support. In these applications, there are some characteristics of the haptic vibrating motors. From our internal testing we publish our vibrating motor that makes high performance characteristic of tactile feedback similar to sense of touch. We stock LRA – Linear Resonant Actuators and ERM – Eccentric Rotating Mass motor for a wide range of design opportunities. You can design with our micro vibration motors from small mobile devices to car dashboards. The haptic feedback will be more and more popular in the future designing of all kinds of touch screens.

Vibration motors apply to a smart watch called SUNU

Sunu can discreetly tell time with Sunu’s haptic vibrating clock. Haptic vibration feedback enables awareness and navigation. Vibrations on your wrist intensify as you approach an object. Keep track of time discreetly with our vibrational clock. Pulses accurately tell you the hour and minutes. The resulting ‘echo’ is then be processed and converted into vibrations. The intensify of the vibrations depend on the bracelet’s proximity to the object. The vibrations intensify as the user gets closer to an object or obstacle. Integrated with our advanced LRA – linear resonant actuator – ELV1030A, it can finish all vibration actions. 

Keywords: wearable technology, mobility, visual reality, vibration motor, haptic feedback

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The Instabeat all-in-one swimming monitor tracker

The Instabeat all-in-one swimming monitor tracks heart rate to offer real-time. It’s one of the top 10 hottest wearable devices that you must checkout. It uses our coin vibration motors for vibrating alerting. With the emergence of revolutionary technologies built for high endurance and quality performance, professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike are able to integrate powerful digital devices into their training and workout routines. The vibration alert create by the coin motors will help the swimmer to adjust breath properly.

Keywords: coin vibration motors, coin motor, haptic feedback, pancake motor, disc motor

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Multi-touch, pressure sensitive technology – SENSEL

Sensel is developing the next generation of input devices. With their multi-touch, pressure-sensitive technology (use NFP linear vibration motorELV1411A that provides precise accurate feedback), they seek to outperform existing industry-standard touch solutions in accuracy, latency, and power, while offering an extra dimension of control in the form of force touch. In addition to making traditional modes of user interaction more expressive and intuitive, their super technology enables a wide range of new and exciting applications. Let technology be the tool to fuel your innovative spirit.

Keywords: input device, LRA, vibration motors, LVM linear vibration motors

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Vibration motor used for automotive touchsceen

Driver distraction has become a significant issue in automotive user interfaces.The automotive industry has placed a large importance on creating safe and innovative ways to keep the driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. A major drawback of touch controls is the lack of tactile feedback. This can lead to the driver taking their eyes off the road to see if their input was accepted. One of the main ways to address the driver distraction issue is to use vibration motors to provide tactile feedback in driver controls. By adding vibrating motor, the driver can get the impression that they are pressing an actually button. Haptics can bring significant value to the automotive user experience.

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