Need-For-Power Motor is the supplier of We produce precision, miniature, low voltage vibrating motors, linear resonant actuators (LRA), planetary and spur reduction gear motors, and DC motors including brushless motors. We specialises in the supply, design, and customisation of miniature DC motors. We supply and custom development of miniature DC motors, vibration motors (ERMs and LRAs), and micro dc gearmotors. Our extensive testing and quality control, enables our customers to access high performance parts at a fraction of the cost of Western manufacturers.

For more information on each of our direct current motor categories simply click the appropriate image below. Haptic feedback actually uses vibration motors, ERMs and LRAs.

Encapsulated Motor

Encapsulated DC vibration motor has many applications in today’s market. This waterproof vibration motor can be used to provide feedback in a human interface system where touch is utilized, learn more.

Cylindrical Motors

This exposed style of vibration motor is perhaps the most common type vibration motors as it is uncomplicated and cost effective, the ERM is clearly visible and unprotected, learn more.

Coreless Driving Motor

Cylindrical coreless driving motors we produce With high speed coreless driving motors are wildly used in RC toys like Tiny Whoop, toy helicopter, teaching models and toy boat, small drones. etc, learn more.

DC gear motors

The DC Gearmotor, consisting of a DC electric motor and a gearbox, is at the heart of several electrical and electronic applications, NFP designing & developing such high quality mini DC gearmotors. Learn more…

Q-Coin motors

A coin vibration motor may be used in applications such as smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable devices. They are commonly used to provide the user with discrete alerts, alarms or haptic feedback. Learn more…


Usually our customers buy the vibrating motors with connectors, so we have JST, Molex. such as 1.25mm connectors on sale at the same time. We can assemble them to the micro vibration motors for OEM. Learn more…

Need-For-Power Motor is a main supplier of micro DC  motors with offices in the Shenzhen of China. We are a professional micro motor manufacturer. We produce micro pager motors, micro geared motors, micro brushed motors, micro dc gear motor, linear resonant actuators (LRA), coreless cylindrical DC vibration motors and coin type vibration motors. Cylindrical type motors are also available for SMD reflow solder process. 

We have developed technical expertise particularly in ERM miniature vibration motors and linear resonant actuators (LRAs) used for haptic / tactile feedback and vibration alerting. 

We have developed technical expertise particularly in ERM miniature vibration motors and linear resonant actuators (LRAs) used for haptic / tactile feedback and vibration alerting. Our understanding of vibration actuation is relied on by customers worldwide in handheld, medical, automotive, massaging and mechanical-aid applications.


All this motors feature stable construction, excellent performance, lightweight and compact size, power conserving mechanism, and stronger vibration function as applicable in the mobile phone industry.

Moreover, these products can also be applied to the automatic focusing and control system of video cameras, digital cameras, precision medical devices, shavers and toothbrushes. It can be surface mountable or be equipped with spring contact or lead wire. We also offer rubber boot or bracket versions as well as custom designs on request.

We carry a wide range of products with a variety of frame sizes from as small as Ø3mm for same-day dispatch. We produce customised and high volume demands to order and frequently modify our base (stocked) parts upon request. Private labeling and packaging for either big or small customers. Customer can own their own brand name.