Linear resonant actuator

There two types of LRAs we make, one is coin type, pancake type, disc type LRA, the other one is rectangular type linear resonant actuator. Linear resonance actuator(LRA) vibration motors are the best choice for offering haptic feedback alerting applications, because they have fast rise and fall time and superior braking ability. Comparing with the traditional coin vibration motors that brushed type ERMs, the LRA’s structure of a magnetic spring connecting a vibrating block resulting in a significant increase in its life time and high reliability. NFP’s rectangular LRA model NFP-ELV1411A have an internal mass that oscillates back and forth along the X-axis at it’s resonance frequency. And the pancake (coin) type linear resonant actuators oscillates ups and downs along the Z axis, perpendicular to the motors surface. Both the rectangular and the coin type LRAs  are driven by the TI’s LRA driver DRV2605L – ICs, that’s another difference between ERM and the LRA.

Coin vibration motor

Coin vibration motor is a typical ERM (eccentric rotating mass) actuators. It is a brushed type vibrating motors that are widely used for smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable devices. The function of the coin vibrating motos are used for providing customer with haptic feedback, alarms or massaging. Our coin type vibration motors have different kinds of sizes for customers’ variety of applications. These ERMs coin vibration motos are super cheap compared with LRA or BLDC type vibrating motors. Our coin vibrating motors can be customized as your need, such as customized lead wire, adding variety connectors to coin motors, FPC(such as the following model: NFP-C0820-FPC) or with bare contact pads.

Encapsulated vibration motor and enclosed vibrating motor

There are two types of encapsulated vibration motors(enclosed vibration motor), one is the plastic capsule type that made of polystyrene and the other one is the metal type that is made of nickel plated steel. All the encapsulated vibration motors are integrated a coreless vibrating motors. Both the plastic and metal ones incorporate a plastic cap at the end of the capsule that is epoxied in place to prevent intrusion of liquids and water proof is the must be. When you have applications that need the electronics assembly to be invaded the water, our encapsulated vibrating motors are your best choice. For the encapsulated vibration motors make without any holes and external moving parts, it is quite easy to use in underwater haptic feedback wearable devices applications. 

Cylindrical vibrating motors

Cylindrical vibration motors are usually called pager motor, for in the early applications on pagers. And then started applying it to the phone for haptic feedback. Cylindrical vibration motor belong to the ERM(eccentric rotating mass) type. This is the weight found on rotating vibration motors to offer the vibration. This coreless vibration motor perhaps is the most common type that it’s uncomplicated and cost effective, the eccentric rotating mass is external visible and unprotected. The custom wire length is available for MOQ: 1k pcs, adding custom connectors for MOQ: 1k pcs, custom FPC is available for MOQ: 6k pcs, tooling & design fees will apply for custom FPC.

Strong vibration motor

The strong vibration motors also called powerful vibration motors, or large ERM vibrating motor for strong vibrations. Such larger vibration motors can offer super high vibration amplitudes. Powerful ERM vibration motors typically need higher voltage to drive. Our vibration motors are all available with either terminal pins for connecting your own cable or we can support you a cable terminated with a variety of connectors. All these high performance motors incorporate stainless steel shafts, oil impregnated bearings and precious metal brushes. Typical applications for our vibrator motors include massage beds, massage chairs, adult toys, medical devices, game controllers and vibrating alerts.

BLDC – Brushless DC vibration motors

Mini brushless DC vibration motor BLDC Brushless coin vibration motors are an excellent choice for high reliability applications requiring an exceptionally long life time (usually 1 million cycles lifetime) / MTBF. Applications where the vibration feature used very often or is used in a medical device should consider a BLDC vibrator motor. These BLDC motors typically exceed the life time of brushed type coin motor by over 10 times. They are more expensive than brushed types ERMs since they incorporate a driver IC. Polarity must be observed when apply power. Other specs are comparable to that of standard brushed type motors. Custom lead lengths and connectors are available for MOQ: 1K pcs. Custom FPC’s are available for MOQ: 5K pcs plus applicable tooling fees.

SMD reflow vibration motors

SMD – surface mount vibration motors are the excellent choice for high volume mass production. They have a “core” which allows them to withstand the high temperatures associated with the reflow soldering process. These SMD vibrator motors can be damaged by excessive heat. Please be sure to follow the reflow oven temperature profile. If these motors will be hand soldered ( ie. making prototypes) , do not use flux and use a low wattage iron for as short a time period as possible. Please note that these vibration motors CAN NOT be washed. The SMD vibrating motors is the easy way to used for wearable devices. Three keywords to describe them: Simple, Convenient, Fast.

Low Current spring contact vibration motors

These low current vibration motors used in applications that need lower power consumption.

Driving motors

The following types are the micro DC motors that are cost effective and super light weight. Include the brush type DC motors, and the coreless DC motors. They utilize precious metal brushes that support commutations. The coreless type  offering high acceleration with super minimal power consumption. The typical application of these micro DC motors are aircrafts, drones, USB fans, electronic locks. The shaft of the drive motors can be fitted with propeller / impeller blades, pinion gears or gear heads. The rubber gaskets, PCB mounting brackets, spring contacts or SMD/SMT reflow pads are supported here. Custom lead lengths and connectors are also available.