Coin vibration motor used for smart watches, fitness trackers wearable devices, variety of connectors, spring contacts, FPC or with bare contact pads.

Coin type vibration motors are flat and a space saving solution. The diameter is from 8 mm to 12 mm. The thickness is between 2 mm and 3mm, 4 mm. The counterweight is rotating around the middle thickness axis. They are available with lead wire, connector, solder pads and spring terminal. An ideal place to mount a coin type vibration motor is in the plastic shell of your product’s housings.

Need-For-Power Motor currently produces coin vibration motors, also known as shaftless or pancake vibrator motors, generally in Ø8mm – Ø12mm diameters for our Pico Vibe range. Pancake motors are compact and convenient to use. They integrate into many designs because they have no external moving parts, and can be affixed in place with a strong permanent self-adhesive mounting system.

Enclosures can easily be moulded to accept the coin form of our shaftless vibration motors. Within the coin motor range, we offer both leaded and spring & pad mountable versions. Like all of our vibration motors, we are happy to quote for variations to the base design such as a modification to the lead length and also connectors.

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