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NFPshop is a online shop that sells miniature motors samples for prototype design in early times. This website provides great convenience for design companies for general in the initial design of a new product, it may not need a particularly large quantity of motors once time. The prototypes maybe just request 20units, 50units or more units to test the market. If it goes well you can contact us for mass production order. During this process we can customize the small dc motors according to your needs. You can request for custom lead wire(most of the wiring uses UL AWM 3302 standard) length, connectors JST or Molex..., the micro dc motors voltage, speed, current, torque, ratio, any parameters according to your application prototype. Give us a chance to satisfied you with a surprise!

So back to ordering samples step, you can place an order directly by Paypal or Credit Card, and we will use DHL door to door express to send it to you with a super fast way, 3-4 days. If you can’t find the motor you’re interested, contact us directly.

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Great Service

  • 3-5 days lead time for small orders
  • 8 hours reply Datasheet, Quotations
  • 100% rigorous test before shipping
  • Full cargo traceability –> Track Now
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Best Quality DC Motors

  • Φ4 – Φ45mm, ≥100 models optional
  • Free mount Connectors in samples
  • Customize lead wires for prototype
  • Rohs certifications
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Application Cases

  • Wearable Devices Haptic Feedback
  • Kickstarter best partner
  • High-tech smart solutions
  • Power tools

Prototype Design Company Recommendations

These professional global product design companies we have worked with for reference

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Factory Direct: Cut Out the Middleman and Save Big

We are a supplier of small-sized motors Dia 3mm – 42mm, specializing in manufacturering high-quality products directly from the factory. Our products are shipped globally, ensuring fast delivery times and reliable service.

Our small-sized motors are manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We offer a range of products that cater to various needs and requirements, and our team of experts is always on hand to provide advice and support to our customers.

At our company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. Our direct-from-the-factory approach allows us to offer competitive pricing while ensuring that our customers receive the best possible products.


No MOQ, small orders and mass production support


Competitive pricing, factory direct, save big


All small dc motors are 100% tested before shipping


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Applications Of Our Mini Motors

The quality of our products has been highly recognized by many domestic and foreign customers and applied in various fields.

Power Up Your Devices with Our High-Quality Small DC Motors – Applications

Small DC motors have a wide range of applications across various industries. These motors are compact, efficient, and highly versatile, making them ideal for use in a variety of different applications. One of the most common uses for small DC motors is in consumer electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These motors are used to power the vibration function in these devices, as well as other features such as the camera and the zoom function.

UPRIGHT Posture Training Device - Everyday Posture Trainer

UPRIGHT is a tiny wearable posture trainning device that can easily correct your screen-slouch. When you slouch, the vibration motor coin vibration motor model NFP-C0820 inside give you a vibrating alerting to tell you back to the health posture.


Small Vibration Motor NFP-C0820L Used For New Kickstarter Project Vibrating Bracelet “HEY”

“HEY” is a kickstarter new project of vibrating bracelet. this wristbands are interactive artifacts for long distance couples. This bracelet inside a pancake vibration motor NFP-C0820L to provide haptic feedback.


Small Vibration Device Used For Wristband Neosensory

Buzz captures the sound around you and translates it into rich vibrational patterns. This wristband can get your attention by rhythmic vibration. The vibrating alert is created by the inside small vibration device NFP-RF2323 which is a SMT eccentric rotating mass. We call it pager motor.


Small Vibration Motor NFP-E0408 Used As Vibrating Alert In GPS Equipments

Vibration feedback is an updated form of vibrating alert or reminder function. It was first widely used in smart wearable devices such as mobile phones, pagers(call it pager motors in early times), bracelets, etc. The erm vibration motor used in GPS for vibrating alert function when you’re in different conditions.

Shaker Motors Used For Making Fish Feeders

Their fish feeder design request a vibrating motor that will fit inside a 25mm tube and then create enough vibration to shake fish feed out. Learn more…

Motors To Use With Haptic Tech | ERMs, LRAs, Piezo & Solenoids

Contact us to learn more about integrating vibration motors into your haptic touch project. Let us study your application and we will recommend the most suitable motor. Call us now. Deliver On Time & To Spec. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Motor & Mechanism Design.

N20 DC Planetary Gear Motor Used For Military Grade End To End SES Blocker Lock

About Security Enhancement Systems Security Enhancement System is a company focused on high security work. SES use their smart way to make high security quite simple. They use our N20 gear motors as the key component of the blocker lock.

What is gear motors? And types of gear motors?

Brief introduction of gear motor, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, the motor is equipped with gear boxes with different reduction ratios, with low speed, high torque, and different reduction ratios. Learn more…


Coin Vibration Motor Used For Bicycle Handlebar Vibrating Alert

Electric Vibrating Motor Reminds users in advance to turn left direction or right direction with clear vibrating alert, remind drivers when users have reached the pre-set mileage, when a certain dangerous driving speed is reached.


Force Touch Screen Haptic Actuators | Wide range of Force Feedback

We offers expert advice on integrating vibration motors and haptics into end applications. We specialises in multiple forms of vibration generation technology, contact us for advice. Deliver On Time & To Spec. In-house Quality Control. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Flexible Manufacture.

WOOLF - Wristband Warns Speed Traps By Vibration Motor

WOOLF is the only wristband in the world for real bikers and car drivers. Never again worry about watching out for speed cameras or other measurement devices – WOOLF will do it for you. When you’re driving fast, the closer you come to a speed-controlled zone.

Encapsulated Vibration Motor Used For Lazer Runner Tag GEN4 Phaser

Lazer Runner GEN4 Phaser LAZER RUNNER is proud to introduce their new Gen4 Phaser. Their lightweight, ergonomic design is a first for the laser tag industry. Manufactured using a two-shot mold process that combines a rubber protective layer

The Instabeat All-In-One Swimming Monitor Tracker

The Instabeat all-in-one swimming monitor tracks heart rate to offer real-time. It uses our coin vibration motors for vibrating alerting. It’s a professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike are able to integrate powerful digital devices into their training and workout routines.

NIMB RING Smart Ring With A Panic Button

UIMB ring is an emergency alert wearable technology. It’s a smart ring with a panic button and easy to use when you’re in danger. Emergencies can be scary, but Nimb provides vibration feedback that integrated NFP’s PCB reflow vibration motor to let you know that a message has gone out and help is on the way.


LRA Motor Used For Shearwater Research Teric Watch

Our coin type LRA motor NFP-ELV1030A is using for a new dive watch which is manufactured by Canada company Shearwater. Rather than saying Shearwater Teric is a watch in the ordinary sense, it is an underwater micro computer.

Sistalk - Monster PUB - A Rocking Heart

It is a famous sex toy manufacture that use our dural vibration motors within their lightweight body. Equipped a dual-axis, dual-phase centrifugal structure, producing a unique whirlpool powerful vibration effect. In addition to disguise, follow the rhythm, reward is never experienced before the climax.


Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor Used For Finger Scanner

Finger Scanner use our haptic feedback vibration motors insert to their scanner emfITs ONE . When the linear resonant actuator inside the scanner machine is driven by a IC chip, it will have a Z-direction vibration feedback. Instead of sound, remind you by another way. For in some noisy environment, you can’t hear the sound remind clearly.

Pancake Vibration Motor For Shoes As Smart Reminder

Vibration feedback in shoes when walking or running. When you reach the turn, the shoe on the left or right foot will tell you the next direction by vibration alerting. This is very useful for runners, climbers, hikers, bike lovers, and tourists in strange cities. Combining mobile app and GPS device application to provide smarter navigation mode.

Carbon Brush Motors With Worm Gears Used For Smartphone Door Lock

Long lifetime carbon brush DC motor used for smart home door lock, low speed, high torque, fast response time. The worm gear can be customized as request. Learn more…
nfp motor sensel

Multi-Touch, Pressure Sensitive Technology - SENSEL

Sensel is developing the next generation of input devices. With their multi-touch, pressure-sensitive technology (use NFP linear vibration motorELV1411A that provides precise accurate feedback), they seek to outperform existing industry-standard touch solutions in accuracy.