Tiny Brushless Long-Life 
Vibration Motors

Tiny brushless vibration motor: Compact, efficient & durable. Ideal for wearables, medical devices & more. Leading choice for miniaturized applications.

Brushed vs. Brushless Vibration Motors

Brushed DC Motors Brushless DC Motors
Less torque per weight More torque per weight
Less torque per watt More torque per watt
More audible noise Less audible noise
Shorter lifetime Longer lifetime
Lower reliability Higher reliability
Commutator sparking No sparking
More EMI radiation Less EMI radiation
May need airflow to cool rotor Can be completely enclosed
Low RPM Higher RPM
Easy to drive Hard to drive $$$


Long Lifetime Brushless Vibration Motors, Stable and Durable

BLDC Brushless coin vibration motors are the excellent choice for high reliability applications that is requiring a quite long life time / MTBF. Applications where the vibration feature used very often or is used in a medical device should consider a BLDC vibrator motor. NFP offers 3 dimensions BLDC coin vibration motors typically exceed the life time of brushed type coin motor by over 10 times.

These 3 types coin vibration motors are more costly than brushed types for they are inside a driver IC. “+” and “-“polarity must be observed very carefully when apply power. Other specs are comparable to those of standard brushed type erm coin vibration motors. Custom lead wire lengths and connectors(eg Molex, JST…) are available for MOQ: 1+ pc.

The smallest coin vibration motor BLDC brushless type only 6mm diameter in the market. Its low G force will limit its applications to very light weight wearables such as smart rings and light weight watches and other wearable devices etc. Double stick tape on the bottom of the case facilitates mounting.

Why the brushless vibrating motors have such long working time? For their inside structure have been changed, the precious metal brushes with commutator is removed. To check all differences you can see the below table.