Coin Vibration Motors

Pancake vibrator motor was designed for devices that requiring haptic feedback or alerts. This series coin motors are ERM – eccentric rotating mass type. Dispatched to meet your manufacturing schedule with worldwide delivery available. Tiny coin vibration motors are used in headband, vest, helmet hit sensors. Vibrates when the player is hit.

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3 Types Coin Motor

6mm-12mm diameter button motors in stock, there are ERM, LRA, BLDC three options of coin vibration motors.

DC 3V, 3.7V, 5V Mini Vibration Motors Flat Coin Button Types

Smallest ERM Motors are coil of wire, Best choice for light-weight wearable device haptic feedback function. Coin vibration motors, flat vibration motors are also known as pancake motors, NFP can offer the coin type vibration motor diameter range from Ø7mm to Ø12mm, you can ask for any of the coin vibration motor data-sheet by the below form. Pancake vibration motor erm type is cheaper than linear resonant actuators.

No driver IC required | Ultra compact 8 & 10mm diameter | 3V DC rated voltage | RoHS compliant | Operating: -20℃ – +70℃ | Storage: -40℃ – +85℃ | Insulation resistance 10MW(min) | Available with wires or connectors

Typically the pancake vibrator motor is produced in the following way: the black cotton pad is placed on the top and the double-sided adhesive tape is placed on the bottom (the installation is convenient for operation) of the coin motor. Customer can add black foam of different thickness (0.1mm-0.5mm is available) according to the application request, or the coin vibrator can be customized without adding black foam, double-sided adhesive is the same way as the top black foam. For double-sided adhesive we usually use 3M brand  tape to ensure that the paste is durable…


The large coin vibration motor is designed for devices requiring vibration alerts or haptic feedback. Coin vibration motor compact feature let it convenient to use in any lightweight wearable devices. It’s easy to integrate the vibration motor coin into many designs because they have no external moving parts, long life cycles.

Tactile sensation is ideal for alerting people when other feelings are occupied, or to enhance audio or visual feedback. Here are some great features you can implement with haptic feedback:



What can we use pancake vibration motor? For example: Remind users in advance to turn left direction or right direction with clear vibrating alert; Remind drivers when users have reached the pre-set mileage; When a certain dangerous driving speed is reached, the rider is reminded to pay attention to safety; Help users maintain pace or rhythm by providing vibrating metronome; Remind users when receiving text messages or when a call comes in; Use clear beeps to remind users that they should go to exercise.

Vibration feedback in shoes when walking or running. When you reach the turn, the shoe on the left or right foot will tell you the next direction by vibration alerting. This is very useful for runners, climbers, hikers, bike lovers, and tourists in strange cities. They need to know the direction of progress during continuous exercise. Haptic feedback applications such as these can also help people with visual impairments to easily walk around the city.


Another high-tech application is a belt that supports haptic feedback, which can provide intermittent navigation prompts for soldiers wearing this belt in noise-sensitive environments. When soldiers cannot talk, they can use haptic feedback to communicate. Tactile feedback prompts can be GPS-based local navigation directions, more complicated communication between two soldiers or a group of soldiers, or even vibration feedback to avoid collision between a remote control robot and an obstacle. You can take a look at the active belt project sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

For assistive applications, haptic feedback can be used as a virtual crutch for visually impaired people. The distance sensor can sense the object in front of the user, and tactile feedback will provide the distance between the object and the user. Haptic feedback also provides left and right navigation commands when connected to the navigation function on a smartphone.

Other applications: Lightweight wearable devices, Cell phones, pagers & other Medical instruments & equipment, Haptic feedback applications, Toys, PDAs, Shavers, Personal alarms, Communication equipment, Buttons feedback, Massager bras.

ERM – Coin Vibration Motor Pancake Flat

Coin vibration motor is a typical ERM (eccentric rotating mass) actuators. It is a brushed type vibrating motors that are widely used for smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable devices. The function of the coin vibrating motos are used for providing customer with haptic feedback, alarms or massaging. Our coin type vibration motors have different kinds of sizes for customers’ variety of applications. These ERMs coin vibration motos are super cheap compared with LRA or BLDC type vibrating motors. Our coin vibrating motors can be customized as your need, such as customized lead wire, adding variety connectors to coin motors, FPC(such as the following model: NFP-C0820-FPC) or with bare contact pads.

Still Can’t Find Ideal DC Vibrating Motor?

The electrical parameters of the motor can be adjusted. For example, the two main factors determining the vibration force: the size of the pager motor eccentric mass and the speed requirement. , voltage, current can be adjusted according to customer needs. Some encapsulated vibration motors adding terminals connectors, which are our customized products according to different customers. You can also contact us in the bottom contact form to ask for your needs.

If you want a custom lead wire connection of the  water resistant vibration motors. Such as alternate lead wire length & strip lengths, with a connector (e.g. Molex, JST). You can contact us from the footer form, tell us your need. Any problems will be taken seriously and will be answered professionally, so pls do not hesitate to contact us by the footer form.