Coreless DC Motors

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Precious Metal Micro DC Motor

Ideal For Battery Operated Devices | No cogging | Light And Compact

Because the coreless DC motor gets rid of the slow speed limit of the iron core, the sensitivity of its speed start and speed adjustment is extremely high. It can shorten the response time of high-magnification optical drive in the military field and improve the hit rate of missiles. In the field of scientific research, it can make the instruments for collecting data have the ability of automatic fast focusing and high sensitivity recording and analysis.

Due to precious metal micro DC coreless motor’s high energy conversion rate, small size, light weight and strong endurance, the coreless motor is suitable for variety of precision instruments that require convenient use, such as metal detectors, personal navigation devices, and wilderness. Engineering equipment for operation.

The precious metal micro motor is not only suitable for improving the operating efficiency of precision instruments that need to respond quickly, but also ensures that the various aerospace vehicles are compact in structure and can meet the requirements of convenient carrying of precision instruments. The popularity of the major manufacturers, its application prospects will continue to improve with the advancement of industrial technology.

Main feature of NFP’s coreless DC motor: It is the ideal for battery operated devices, coreless motor without cogging, extremely low current consumption – that means low starting voltage, highly dynamic performance due to a low inertia, low inductance winding, light and compact, precise speed control, simple to control due to the linear performance characteristics.

Coreless DC Motor Model NFP-1331 12V DC

– Rated voltage: DC 12.0V
– No load current: 30mA max
– No load speed: 10,500±15% rpm
– Start voltage: DC 1.2V max
– Stall current: 4,000mA
– Stall torque:

Coreless DC Motor Model NFP-1620 5V DC

– Rated voltage: DC 5.0V
– No load current: 35mA max
– No load speed: 9,000±10% rpm
– Start voltage: DC 0.8V max
– Stall current: 600mA
– Stall torque: 18g fcm(min)

Coreless DC Motor Model NFP-1625 12V DC

– Rated voltage: DC 12.0V
– No load current: 15mA max
– No load speed: 10,500±1500 rpm
– Stall torque: min