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Advantages And Disadvantages Of BLDC Motor

Brushless DC Motor Advantages And Disadvantages

BLDC motor means brushless dc motor, the working principle of this kind of motor is different from brushed type. Main feature is that the electronic commutation replaces traditional mechanical commutation, more reliable performance than brushed dc motor, no wear or tear, super lower failure rate and lifetime is six times longer than dc brush motor. Invotations of development direction of electric vehicles. Brushless dc motor has a such small no-load current. High efficiency and small dimensions are BLDC’s advantages.

For the distantage of brushless dc motor is that when it is working at low speed (beginning of start working), there will be slight vibration. When speed increasing and commutation frequency increased, the vibration phenomenon disappeared. Generally the brushless dc motor price is higher than brushed type. And sometime the BLDC motor need a controller.

Because everything has a natural frequency of vibration, it is easy to creating resonances. If the vibration frequency of the brushless motor is the same as or close to the vibration frequency of the frame or plastic parts, it is easy to form a resonance phenomenon, but it can be resonated by adjustment. This phenomenon is minimized. Therefore, a common phenomenon is that an electric car driven by a brushless motor sometimes makes a harsh sound.