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by Slinger Fu



What’s The Meaning Of “N, I, T, P, E” In The Performance Chart?

A motor performance curve chart is a graphical representation of how a motor performs under various conditions. The most common type of motor performance curve chart is a torque vs. speed curve, which shows how much torque a motor can produce at various speeds.

Other types of motor performance curve charts can show power vs. speed, efficiency vs. speed, or current vs. speed. Motor performance curve charts are useful for determining the best operating point for a given application, and for comparing the performance of different motors.


N: It indicates the number of revolution per minute (rpm) of the rotor. Speed would be varied if either voltage (V) supplied or load applied to the motor is varying.

I: It indicates the amount of electrons (current) which is discharged when voltage is applied between the terminals of the motor. The load applied to the motor is directly proportional to the current drawn by the motor.

T: This is the twisting force that causing rotation of the rotor. The value of torque is depended on the load applied to and the current drawn by the motor.

P: This is the work done by the motor which is the product of N and t The maximum output (Pmax) would be occurred at a point of Ts/2 on the P curve.

E: This is the percentage of the work done by the motor to the energy supplied to the motor. That is, the ratio of the mechanical output to the electrical input(E=P/VI x 100%).The maximum efficiency (Emax) would be found at a point in the torque range less than TS/2.


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