All The New Small Vibration Device You Need To Know About For 2022

Here you can find all kinds of micro vibration motors, small dimension, compact size, big amplitude.

X-Y Axis Standard Coin Vibration Motors

These pancake vibration motors are ERM type, no external parts, easy to mount in any wearable devices. Light weight, qucik to use. All coin motors have a 3M double-sided stickers that can use to fix on various surfaces. This smart design is used as phone vibration motors. Now it’s a cost-effective small vibration motors to use in any area that can replace physical buttons. learn more

Second Generation X-Y Axis Long Lifetime Brushless Button Vibration Motors

6mm brushless vibrating motor is the smallest flat vibration motor. This 6mm motor can be installed in skin massage equipment, medical equipment, take up less space, low consumption characteristics. 8mm and 9mm thickness types are also widely used in many light weight wearable applications, such as wearing VR suit, thermometer, bracelet, wrist… lear more

Latest Generation Pancake Z-Axis & X-Axis Linear Vibration Motors – LRA

Linear Resonant Actuator is also called LRA, there are two kinds of linear vibration motors, Z – Axis vibration motor is the best choice of Haptic Feedback devices. There are square dimensions and round ones. Long Lifetime and fast response time is the main feature of this kind of small vibration motor, however the LRA request a driving IC which can automatically detect the waveform and achieve resonance, it maximizes the motor vibration…. lear more

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motors

The following miniature vibration motors are the most popular ERM types, you can find your ideal diameter vibrator, we can make custom design type for you, includes wire length, with or without connector, JST or Molex brands, learn more…

Encapsulated Vibration Motors Waterproof Type

Waterproof enclosed vibration motors with wire length.

Small Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motors

All kinds of small brush dc vibration motors.

Powerful Electric Vibrating Motors

12V, 24V DC powerful vibration motors. High speed, big amplitude.