Small Brushless DC Motors

Efficient Power Compact BLDC Motors


High Torque 12mm Diameter BLDC Motor

Explore NFP-Motor’s latest 12mm Dia BLDC motors, offering high torque in a compact design. Ideal for precise applications, these motors are efficient, durable, and reliable.

There are four types in total, driven, vibratory, equpped with inline gearbox, right-angle gearbox.


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brushless dc gearmotor vibration drive type

Prototype Partners

Customize micro DC motors for prototypes. Design flexibility with 20-50 unit sample orders. Fast global delivery via DHL/FedEx, secure payment options.

Rapid Service

Expect 5-7 day lead times on small orders, with datasheets and quotes provided in 8 hours. We ensure rigorous pre-shipment testing.

Quality Motors

Choose from 100+ models (Φ4 – Φ45mm). Free connector mounts in samples and custom wire leads available. RoHS certified quality.

Innovative Tools

Leading partner for Kickstarter projects, offering high-tech solutions and power tools with haptic feedback for wearable devices.

Direct Savings

Our factory-direct model offers Dia 3mm – 42mm motors, cutting out the middleman. Competitive prices, global shipping, and quality assurance.


Flexible ordering with no minimum quantity. Support for both small and mass production needs. Experience our efficient global delivery.

Multi-Purpose Of 1215 Series 3-Phase Brushless Motor

Luckily, these brushless DC motors below are IN STOCK, so you can click on the link to the product page to add a cart and quickly own it, integrate it into your design prototypes now! The datasheet of it is below the product images, click to get it!