N20 DC Gearmotors Wide Selection Of Optimal Torque & Speed

These small gearmotors are available in a variety of sizes and gear ratios.

Micro Metal DC Reduction Gearmotors

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Need-For-Power Motor  Co., Ltd’s small size DC gear motor with low speed and big torque, suitable to small diameter, low noise and big torque application. We offer a wide range of gear ratios – from 5:1 up to 1000:1. All of our metal geared motors are RoHS approved. Motor dimension and electric parameter could be made according to customer’s requirements. Typical applications: ATM in bank/electric curtains, Electric shutter curtain, Audio and visual equipment, Note book, PC, camcorder, DVD, Precision instruments, Camera, Digital camera, Door lock, Robot, Power tools, Actuator, Medical devices.

Our precision spur gearbox works well with different micro dc motors, both in carbon brush motor, precision metal brush motor and brushless dc motor. Spur gearboxes are offered with sleeve or ball bearings, optional lubricants for extreme temperature operation and high precision. Gears work with low noise. You can choose a variety of gears as standard integrated options.

When you are finding a Inline Speed Reducer Gearbox in our stock. It’s possible to order any quantity. The general lead time of samples is 3-4 days. View our below new list today!

If you want to know more about the micro planetary gearbox, just send an mail to info@nfpmotor.com. We will reply you with specification and prices within a few hours.

Buy Miniature DC Gear Motor From A Real Factory Not Online Platform

The experience of online search is that most of the top rankings or advertisements are connected to online platform, or agents, rather than real manufacturers. First, the price will be raised by the middleman, and secondly, the quality is not guaranteed, and if you want high volume for mass production, and they can’t support. Most of their products are used for some DIYers.

The above complains are from our customer’s feedback. We are one of the few real micro dc gear motor manufacturer. We have our own factory, and provide professional customized gear motor support.

These small dc gear motors are the classic gear motor with largest annual sales. Its application is extensive and demanded in various industries. This custom oem gear motors usually uses 3V-12V voltage, according to customer needs, speed, torque, reduction ratio, and motor size can be customized. The small planetary gearmotor is widely used in various precision structures to provide power.

The materials of the small gear reduction electric motors we choose are the best in the industry, just to ensure the accuracy and high quality of the products. Generally, according to the various parameter information provided by the customer’s product model, the small gearmotor is highly customized to suit the complex design of different customers. The main advantage of the dc micro planetary gearmotors is its versatility, and customized shafts can meet diverse needs. At the same time, we also provide a variety of micro geared motor installation accessories.

The following N20 DC gearmotor is used for intelligent security that inside a security camera, this type of N20 Gearmotor is in mass production and quality reliable.