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ERM Cored Type Vibration Motor Roadmap

Eccentric rotating mass cored vibration motors are widely used in smart wearable devices, and its characteristics is low power consumption (low current), small dimension, easy to mount, and wrapped products that are easier to install.

The main competitor of ERM core vibration motor is coin type ERM vibration motor. The main feature of pancake vibration motor is simpler installation and low cost. Because of this feature, the development trend and expansion direction of SMT vibration motor are more diverse installation methods. , Such as FPC type, or embedded, use process automation, and optimize parts to reduce costs.

SMT means the surface-mount technology. SMT is a popular way to integrate various circuit devices, such as vibration motors. SMT vibration motor is basically the small ERM eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, usually use a super small cylindrical vibration motor, also called pager motor. It is widely used in wearable devices for vibration haptic feedback, if you’re starting to build a new handheld device for vibration feedback, you can try the following SMT vibration motor now!