High Torque Gearmotors With Light Weight Plastic Gearbox 

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6mm Nano Planetary DC Gearmotors

In early times, this kind of micro-planetary gear motor is sold on site Gizmoszone.com(model GH612M, GH6121S, GH6122S, GH6123S, GH6124S…). This small DC electric geared motors can be used for driving robot. All the motors in this page are just 6 millimeters in diameter, narrower than a pencil. The gearhead and the shaft are made from glass-fiber reinforced engineering plastic. Unlike the general cylindrical pager motors these motors have gearbox (inside 1-4 stages gears). The gear-head mechanically change the speed for increasing in push strength. If use the ordinary 6mm coreless motor in stead of the gearhead motor, that wouldn’t have that torque to drive.

This 6mm planetary gear motor is a combination of different motors and a gearboxes, of which there are four gearbox options, they are 1 gear reduction ratio, 2 gear reduction ratio, 3 gear reduction ratio, 4 gear reduction ratio. The choice of motor is 6mm diameter: 9mm length, 12mm length, 14mm length, 15mm length, 4 kinds of choices, there are 16 kinds of optional small dc gear motors in this combination.NFP-motor is the source manufacturer of small gear motor. The efficiency and performance have reached the best results. There are 16 kinds of torques options, the parameter tables are below, and 6mm planetary gear motor model 609 series is in stock now. Samples can be shipped directly. The diameter of all miniature gear motors this page is Φ6mm, only difference is the length of the micro gear motors .

Applications Of Plastic Gear Motors

6mm planetary gear motors are widely used in lock, train models, beauty equipments. Small and compact dimensions, a variety of speeds and torques are available, best choice for small precise mechanism driving system, to learn more…

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