8mm Coin Vibration Motor – 2mm Type Model NFP-C0820


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Enhance your projects with our 8mm Coin Vibration Motor, a premium ERM motor designed for precise haptic feedback. This compact yet powerful pancake motor is engineered for optimal performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

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3V Mini Flat Coin Button-Type Vibration Motor Model NFP-C0820L Data Sheet

Compact Size: With an 8mm diameter, this disc motor is perfect for devices with limited space, ensuring seamless integration without compromising performance.
High Efficiency: Our coin vibration motor provides consistent and powerful vibrations, making it suitable for haptic feedback in wearable devices, mobile phones, and handheld gadgets.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for medical devices, gaming controllers, and fitness trackers, this ERM motor enhances user experience with reliable and responsive vibration feedback.
Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, this pancake motor is designed for long-lasting use, ensuring your projects maintain peak performance over time.
Easy Installation: The motor’s design allows for simple and secure installation, saving you time and effort in your projects.

Motor Model: NFP-C0820L
Diameter: 8mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Rated voltage: 3V DC
Rated speed: 13000 ± 2500rpm min
Rated current: 80mA Max
Rotation: CM or CCW
Starting voltage: 2.3V DC Max
Vibration Force: 0.55G


8mm Pancake Vibration Motor Model NFP-C0820L Outline Drawing

Our 8mm coin vibration motor stands out with its superior performance, reliability, and versatility. Whether you’re developing a new wearable device or enhancing an existing product, this disc motor offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Trust in our expertise and elevate your projects with the best in vibration motor technology.


Coin/Pancake Vibration Motors Mass Production

This 8mm diameter coin motor can be used in cell phone, massager, DIY toys, health care products, RFID scanners, artwork, electronic products, medical equipment, tablet, wearable devices, smart watches that requires vibration feedback for alerting instead of physical buttons, fitness trackers(used to provide discrete alerts, alarms or haptic feedback).

The 3v coin vibration motor is used in electronic cigarettes and has a reminder function. When the cigarette butt is burned, it will vibrate and flash to remind you that it can be used.


Flat Coin Type Vibration Motors Applications

Wearable Devices: Provide discrete yet effective haptic feedback in smartwatches, fitness trackers, and health monitors.
Mobile Devices: Enhance user interactions in smartphones and tablets with precise vibration alerts and notifications.
Medical Equipment: Ensure accurate and reliable haptic signals in medical and diagnostic devices.
Gaming Controllers: Improve gaming experience with responsive vibrations in controllers and VR equipment.




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Q: If customized, what information should you provide?
A: You need to provide the basic specification of the motor, such as: Dimensions, Sizes Applications, Voltage, Speed and Torque. It’s better to offer application prototype drawings to us if possible.

Q: What’s your main motors?
A: Diameter 4mm~42mm Dc Micro Motor And Gear Motor, Auto Dc Motor, Electric Motor, Gear Motor, Mini Dc Motor, Brush Dc Motor, Brushless Dc Motor, Spur Gear Motor, Micro Motor, Vibration Motor Etc.

Q: What’s the main application of the micro dc motor?
A: Our mini DC motors are widely used in Home Applications, Office Equipment, Health-Care Application, Sanitation Industry, High-Class Toy, Banking System, Electronic and Electrical Tools, Automation Industry, Bank Equipments, Payment Equipments, Vending Machines, Power Door Lock, Electric Door Lock.

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13 reviews for 8mm Coin Vibration Motor - 2mm Type Model NFP-C0820

  1. Jon Lewis

    Compact and efficient 8mm Coin Vibration Motor. Used it to upgrade my old phone’s vibration feature, and now it feels brand new.

  2. David Wilmut

    The flat coin vibration motor exceeded my expectations! It provided a strong and consistent vibration that was perfect for my DIY projects, the small size made it easy to integrate into my designs.🫥✨

  3. Profiler

    Our community center used these coin motors to make a Ninja Bot and they plus a small battery worked great. Vibrates pretty strongly with 3v.

  4. Patrick Ferrer

    I was really pleased with the coin vibration motor. It’s a nice micro vibrating motor that can add great movement to our medical project, it performed better than other samples, easy to use and really affordable.

  5. Gregorio Irizarry

    I’m happy to report that installing these motors caused software correct codes in the vacuum cleaner, which made task perfectly. They did turn and power the machine and only until it shut down. In six months 3V coin motor still working. Well done! I’m very pleased.

  6. Joe Moak

    Every single industrial vibration motor works fine. I am glad to say that seller don’t even cheat with a single piece.
    So Happy. And Thank you seller.

  7. Andrew Cramer

    The Coin Vibration Motor arrived on time and as expected. Very high quality

  8. D. Sumathy

    I was really impressed with the amount of coin vibration these guys are capable of. I used these for various projects and haven’t had any issues with them yet. Each of the coin cell motors has an adhesive pad on the back which was handier than I anticipated it being.

  9. Francisco Castillo (verified owner)

    Best for the price !Much more vibrating than I thought, but the small coin motor work out great.

  10. braedon reeves

    The little vibration coin motors arrived on time and as expected. Very high quality and very slim.

  11. Manfred Augstein

    Nice little vibrators . Good quality and good vibrations 🙂

  12. Curtis Taylor

    Nice little vibrators. Good quality and good vibrations 🙂

  13. Dave Gleason

    Great Litle Motors.I was pleasantly surprised to find that each of these were self-adhesive, which was perfect for the little vibro-bot project i was doing. Other than, they worked as expected with various different power sources (AAA, cr2034, even a little solar panel).

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