Shaker Motors Model NFP-SH370 12V DC 6,000RPM Used For Making Fish Feeders


by Slinger Fu




Ripple rock fish farms buy this small vibration motor for feeding tilapia

Ripple rock fish farms have 5 years in the making fish farm, they have full of experience in feeding fishes. They are interested in making automatic fish feeders.  Their fish feeder design request a vibrating motor that will fit inside a 25mm tube and then create enough vibration to shake fish feed out. Their fish feeders are equipped with the shaker motor model NFP-SH370 12V DC 6,000rpm. “SH” means single head, this small vibration motor have another two heads for options.


Small vibration motor performance

Motor model: NFP-SH370
Motor diameter: 24.2mm
Motor body length: 30.7mm
Motor total length: 42mm
Motor voltage: 6V DC/12V DC/ 24V DC
Motor speed: 6,000rpm
Eccentric rotating mass: Single or Double


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