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NFP-Motor Specializes In Manufacturing 3v Gear Box Motor, Widely Used In Smart Home, All Kinds Of Door Locks. Free consult, Quick Reply Within 12 Hours. Precision Micro Drives To Run Accurate Motions. 100 Rpm Motor, 

NFP-Motor’s Small DC Gear Motor Production Experience

High Quality Miniature Gear Motor | Flexible Manufacturing OEM | 100% Tested Before Shipping | Custom Length Cables & Connectors | Sample & Small Order Acceptable

Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd. is a company that designs and manufactures miniature DC gear motors, custom OEM gear motor. NFP-Motor has a complete and scientific quality management system, and has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, pragmatism and quality products and services. Our custom gearmotors are cost effective. The electric gear motors including permanent magnet dc pmdc, stepper motors, spur gearboxes, brushless dc gearmotors.

NFP-Motor’s mini gear motor’s application are wide range in office automation, home automation, production automation, medical equipment, security equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other OEM applications.

Our high torque micro gear motors are mainly sold to Japan, United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. NFP-Motor’s dc spur gear motors are trusted by customers. Motors and gear are in good quality, generally we use metal gears. According to the needs of different customers’ motor designs, we can provide an appropriate specifications.

NFP-Shop is a quick way to order dc gear motor samples, here you can order the motor with planetary gearbox to meet your prototype requirements. Micro DC gear motors are usually made up of micro dc motors and gearbox. The motors have ordinary carbon brush type, core-less type, brushless types. The reduction ratio of gearbox is designed according to the customer’s torque and speed requirements. When get the samples order from you, will ship the motors by DHL door to door immediately, generally will take 3-4 days global shipping. Here the motors are factory direct, no agents.

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5 Steps To Choose The Most Suitable Custom Gear Motor

1. Voltage – Determine what voltage is used of the dc geared motors? Range: 3V-24V DC

2. Speed – How many revolutions per minute the product needs to use at rated voltage of micro dc gear motor.

3. Torque – there are two types of motor torque, one is Rated Torque, and the other is Stall Torque. The rated torque is how much kg.cm the torque needs to reach under the rated voltage and required speed of the motor. If the motor rotor is blocked and does not rotate, it is called motor stall. The torque required during stall is the stall torque

4. Size: – Dimensions of the miniature DC-gearmotor, when the installation space allows, the larger the motor size, the greater the torque

5. Shaft – According to different installation needs, the output shaft can be customized to any specification basic information including shaft length, standard diameter, customizations such as threaded shaft, keyway shaft, spring shaft, single flat shaft, double flat shaft, worm shaft, D-section…

Miniature DC-Gearmotor Catalogue

Here you can buy some of our most popular mini gearmotor, including N20 gear motor, 25mm gear motor, planetary dc gear motor…If you can’t find the suitable gear motor, no worry, just contact us by the bottom form, any requests will be replied in 8 hours. You can tell the requirements, like dimensions voltage, speed, current, torque, start voltage, stall torque…

ODM/OEM Services, ISO 9001 Certification 3V-24V DC Gear Motor Provider

The products in online platform(Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay…) are cheap but inferior? German and Swiss motors are surprisingly expensive. If you want to find a cost-effective 3V hobby gear motors with high quality, NFP-Motor will help you find solutions. We produce in the factory and sell directly without any intermediate agents. First order prototypes for testing, meet the requirements and then mass production.