Toothbrush Sonic Vibration Motors

Electric Toothbrush Motor High Frequency Ultrasonic DC Motor Used For Electric Toothbrush, Power Toothbrush

Ultrasonic Vibration Motors Used In Electric Toothbrush

A toothbrush sonic vibration motor is a small electric motor designed to produce vibrations to help clean the teeth. It is usually found in rechargeable electric toothbrushes, and is usually powered by a small battery. The motor typically vibrates at a frequency of between 25,000 and 40,000 Hertz, or cycles per second. This rapid vibration produces a scrubbing or massaging action that helps to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth and gums.

The sonic vibration motor is generally housed in the handle of the toothbrush, and it is connected to the brush head via a shaft or other mechanism. The vibrations help to loosen and break up plaque and food particles, making them easier to remove. The motor can also help to stimulate the gums and increase circulation, which helps promote healthy gums.

The vibration from the motor also helps to reduce the amount of pressure needed to effectively brush the teeth. This can help to reduce the risk of gum damage or tooth abrasion caused by excessive scrubbing. The toothbrush sonic vibration motor can also be used to create a more pleasant brushing experience. The vibrations can be soothing and help to relax the user while they brush their teeth.


Still can’t find ideal motors?

The electrical parameters of the motor can be adjusted. For example, the two main factors determining the vibration force: the size of the pager motor eccentric mass and the speed requirement. , voltage, current can be adjusted according to customer needs. Some encapsulated vibration motors adding terminals connectors, which are our customized products according to different customers. You can also contact us in the bottom contact form to ask for your needs.

If you want a custom lead wire connection of the  water resistant vibration motors. Such as alternate lead wire length & strip lengths, with a connector (e.g. Molex, JST). You can contact us from the footer form, tell us your need. Any problems will be taken seriously and will be answered professionally, so pls do not hesitate to contact us by the footer form.