What type of gear motor provides high torque and high speed?


The gear motor is an equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are lots of gear motors applied to driving work. Different driver request variety of torques and speeds. DC geared motors, also called geared motors, are based on ordinary DC motors and are equipped with matching gearboxes. The role of the gear reducer is to provide lower speed and higher torque.

Metal gear motor is one of the most used gear motors, and the specifications are also suitable. It is a regular customer in DIY toy production. The motor shaft is generally divided into round shaft or D-section shape shaft, and the shaft length, speed, torque voltage can be customized according to needs. Subsequent upgraded versions have wires and are equipped with JST/Molex connectors, which is more convenient for application.

Another gear motor is N20 gear motor, with metal gear, it has low noise, long life and small size, mainly used in electronic locks, smart cars, robots, cameras, etc. This small gearmotor is widely used, can make different torque, speed according to demand, the highest reduction ratio can reach 1000:1. N20 gear motor with long shaft(worm or screw) is mainly used for high-power trams, model aircraft, high torque, and metal gears are not easy to damage. Custom design of the reduction gear motor with wire and connectors are available. So there are more choices for DIY models.

The application of geared motors is more extensive, such as mobile phones, jewelry, watches, crafts, gifts and other display racks, which has the advantage of small size, and can also shine on rotating mechanisms and automatic controls such as rotating watch boxes and gift boxes. , And low noise, high transmission efficiency.