Introduction Of “HEY” Vibrating Bracelet

“HEY” is a kickstarter new project of distance vibrating bracelets. this wristbands are interactive artifacts for long distance couples. This bracelet inside a pancake vibration motor NFP-C0820L to provide haptic feedback. The couple each wears the vibrating bracelet. Just touch the sensor and both couple bracelet vibrate at the same time, so that the other half in the distance can feel how much you miss them. Such examples like: “Hey,I LOVE YOU… ” “Hey, good morning. Get up.” “Hey, I was thinking about you. What are you doing.” It’s a smart design of vibrating bracelet for couples to send a touch. The hey bracelet will build long distance relationship.

” Hey” is not simply a matter of producing a jolt, but of simulating the sensation of two lovers touching each other. HEY can also offers different patterns of vibrations depending on the strength of your touch to express comfort, thoughts and encouragement to your partner.

Small Vibration Motor NFP-C0820L Details

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Motor model: NFP-C0820L
Wire length: 100mm
Rated voltage: 3.0V DC
Operating voltage: 2.3~4.0V DC
Rotation: CM(clockwise) or CCW(Contrary clockwise)
Operating environment: -20~+60°C,Ordinary Humidity
Storage environment: -30~+70°C,Ordinary Humidity

Flat Vibrator Measuring Condition

Rated speed: 13000±2500rpm min
Rated current: 80mA Max
Starting current: 120mA Max
Starting voltage: 2.3V DC Max
Insulation resistance: 10MΩ Min
Terminal resistance: 26Ω±15%(sigle posture) 50Ω±15%(double posture)

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