Encapsulated Vibration Motor NFP-E0716 Used For Lazer Runner Products GEN4 Phaser


by Slinger Fu



Lazer Runner GEN4 Phaser

LAZER RUNNER is proud to introduce their new Gen4 Phaser. Their lightweight, ergonomic design is a first for the laser tag industry. Manufactured using a two-shot mold process that combines a rubber protective layer over a polycarbonate inner shell making the new GEN4 Phaser ultra-tough. LAZER RUNNER is bringing a state-of-the-art feel to the game; with distinct features such as a newly engineered magnetic trigger, vibrating pulse shots, 20 super bright LED’s, Lock-On targeting with a defused white Phaser shell.

Accessories Products Of Vibrating Motors

Lazer Runner Gen4 Phaser use NFP’s encapsulated vibration motor insert the handle of their products. It can simulate shooting process by vibrating. The vibrator they use is motor model NFP-E0716 80mm wire with connector JST XH 2.54 – 2P, easy to use. This kind of erm motors is pager motor 716 type inside a plastic capsule that can be waterproof, and the wire is high strength type. Leads are led out of the capsule motor end cover, and glued to fix at the position of the end hole, double guarantee that the motor will not break the wiring due to vibration.

Eccentric Motor Vibrator Model: NFP-E0716 Plastic Capsule
Miniature High Torque Motor Rated Voltage: 3.0V DC
Mini Vibration Motor Rated On Load Speed: 12,500±2,500rpm
3v Vibration Motor Wire Length: 80mm not include connector
Small Vibration Motor Rotation Direction: CW / CCW (clockwise or counter clockwise)
Out Capsule Diameter: 8.80mm
Micro Vibrator Total Length: 24.9±0.3mm
Vibration Motor Projects Connector: JST XH 2PIN

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