Feel Sound On Your Skin Use Small Vibration Device

Buzz captures the sound around you and translates it into rich vibrational patterns. This wristband can get your attention by rhythmic vibration. The vibrating alert is created by the inside small vibration device NFP-RF2323 which is a SMT eccentric rotating mass. We call it pager motor.

Be aware

Catch alarm clocks, doorbells, dog barking, and the rest of the noise in your environment.

Be entertained

Feel every beat of music and movies with an emotionally powerful, immersive experience.

Be closer

Feel voices, laughter, a family member entering the room, a baby crying, or a friend calling your name.

Be safer

Buzz can detect emergency sounds such as smoke alarms, sirens, and cars honking.

Typical Small Vibration Device Data Sheet

Vibrator positioning: Horizontal
Operating voltage: 2.7V DC
Operating voltage range: 2.3V – 3.2V
Load current at operating voltage: 75mA max
Starting current at operating voltage: 90mA max
Load speed: 14000±3000 rpm
Rotation direction: C.W. & C.C.W
RPM Rise time: 60ms Max
RPM Fall time: 80ms Max

All Our SMT Target Vibrators

You can get some adjustable vibration motor samples as follows first, if you have any custom design request, you can contact us by the bottom form, any request will be replied in 8 hours, fast reply, ship by DHL door to door, 3-4 days to worldwide.