N20 DC Planetary Gear Motor Used For Military Grade End To End SES Blocker Lock


by Slinger Fu



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About Security Enhancement Systems

Security Enhancement System is a company focused on high security work. SES use their smart way to make high security quite simple. They use our N20 gear motors as the key component of the blocker lock. SES provides highly innovative end-to-end remote access solutions that deliver significant field service efficiency improvements while protecting critical infrastructure and remote assets. SES’s security products currently protect tens of thousands of geographically dispersed sites while seamlessly integrating with customers’ enterprise data, alarm systems and internal processes.

SES’s software, electronics and physical locks give users on-demand and time-limited access control over remote assets, maintaining unprecedented levels of security and helping managers understand the who, what, where and when of every site visit – all from their smartphone!

SES Blocker Lock

– Internally Mounted Providing the Highest Level of Cabinet Protection
– Secures Single and Multi-Point Cabinet Locking Systems
– Optional Patent-Pending Key Override – Utilizes SES Access Control Unit

PHYSICAL – L3.90” x W3.80” x H1.85”
ELECTRONICS ENVIRONMENTAL – Operating Temperature range -40°F – 149°F (-40°C – 65°C)
OUTPUT – Switch Closure < 30V @ 0.1A
OPTIONAL KEY OVERRIDE – Medeco Mortise Housing with 7-Pin X4 SFIC Core


Micro Planetary Gear Motor Performance

NFP-Motor is a China dc gear motor manufacturer, miniature electric motors with gearbox is one of our main businesses, The small dc gear motors we produce are well recognized by European and American customers. We use the qualified gears sourcing from Taiwan. We can make custom design of high power, high quality, worm gear, customized output shaft length, angle gearmotors, dc parallel shaft gearmotors, permanent magnets…Any application requirements will be answered professionally, you can find a suitable motor solution here.

Small Gear Motor Model: NFP-N20-09200-298-0D-6.0
Miniature High Torque Motor Rated Voltage: 6V DC
Gear Motor Small Rated Current: 20mA max
Mini DC Gear Motor Rated Speed: 45±8%
DC Planetary Gear Motor Start Current: DC 2.0V max
Precision Gear Motor Stall Current: 360mA
Micro DC Gear Motor Stall Torque: 2.0kg.cm(min)
Precision Micro Drives Ratio: 298:1

Considering Use Our DC Planetary Gearmotors? You Can Choose From The Following Types:

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