Apple iPhone Taptic Engine Replacement

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Buy iPhone all series Taptic Engines from NFP-Motor

NFP-Motor is a vibration motor manufacturer. NFP-Motor also operates the mobile phone taptic engine business. The mobile phone vibration motor here is brand new. After 100% testing before delivery, guarantee your normal use after replacement. The vibration experience is the same as the new one.

When your phone has the following 3 problems, you should replace the phone motor

1. Dial the mute button screen prompts the mute icon does not vibrate.
2. The setting is no problem, when was calling does not vibrate.
3. Weak vibration / vibration or noisy.

You can replace the linear resonant actuator with the following guide step by step:

Guide of replace phone motor by Ifixit. 


13 Kinds of iPhone Vibration Motors